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Address: Taxi Funäsfjällen Thunells Busstrafik Funäsdalen Show map

Address: Taxi Funäsfjällen Thunells Busstrafik Funäsdalen

It is easy to travel to Funäsfjällen and we offer taxi transfers from the following locations:
- Røros Airport and Train Station
- Trondheim Airport
- Sveg
- Östersund Airport

By taxi transfers, you can comfortably continue your journey to and from Funäsfjällen. For a fixed price we take you to your hotel or cabin in the area of Funäsfjällen. The transfer can only be booked in conection to train a flight. Train or flight ticket must be presented in connection with the trip.

Times for pickup:
-To Røros airport / train station about 2 hours
-To Trondheim Airport Vaernes approximately 3.5 hours
-To Sveg about 2.5 hours
-To Östersund Airport approximately 3.5 hours

The transfer can be booked through Destination Funäsfjällen, online of by telephone at +46- 684 108 00

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    Taxi Funäsfjällen
  • Phone number (booking)
    46 684108 00